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When brewing was women’s work

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There was a time when brewing beer was considered only a women’s work. During sometime in histroy, in ancient Egypt, there was a written law making it illegal for men to make or sell beer. Women were the brewers, bar owners and bartendes.

During the Middle Ages in ancient Europe brewing was one of a housewife’s regular tasks, just like cooking,cleaning and other houshold chores. Some of these women became famous for their great skills as brewers and started supplying to community other than their own families.

But by the start of the late 18th century and the Industrial Revolution, new methods of making beer meant women’s contribution slowly started to decline and be forgotten, until now.

Now the history seems to be repeating itself. Though the number of women involved in brewing is still a small fraction but it is increasing significantly.  They are participating in the process of brewing, microbrewing and/or managing brewpubs. New flavors like strawberry and cranberry are now available keeping the women clientele in mind.


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May 4, 2011 at 6:36 pm