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Why Microbrewery Beer?

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why microbrewery beerLike many others I always prefer to have fresh Beer from Brewpubs over the commercial Beer. A true Beer lover will tell you that some of the world’s best Beer comes from microbreweries. The reason being is the microbrewery have that inclination of liberty, innovation and experimentation with the flavor and taste, that is why microbrewing beer is not only my favourite but famous all around the world.

Fresh Beer  is what that appeals  to customers along with the ambience, environment and food at restaurant/bar. That is why many microbreweries, specially Brewpubs are coming up in India. Being in the Beer industry I have travelled places and interacted with many Beer lovers. There are many reasons for which they prefer microbrewery Beer over commercial Beer. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Taste –  Unlike mass produced Beer, microbrewery Beer has extremely good and strong taste. They have the different tastes/flavours to choose from.  Its kind of more customized and tasty Beer.

2. Freshness – Beer  is a perishable foodstuff. It deteriorates as a result of the action of bacteria, light, and air. Fresh, well-brewed beer that has not travelled at all will invariably taste better than an equivalent beer that left the brewery a few months ago.

3.Natural and health friendly ingredients – Most mass produced ones have preservatives and sometimes as bad as glycerin. Since microbrewery produce limited amount of Beer only so they use right add up of ingredients with less use of preservatives and other artificial constituents.

4. Pricing – Comparatively low pricing with highest quality. What else a Beer lover could ask  for.

5. The process – Commercial Beer is fully pasteurized and filtered before it is bottled. While the microbrewery Beer goes through no such process, and is served directly. That is why there is a strange and pleasant flavor remains in microbrewery Beer.

Well, this is my thinking and preference of microbrew Beer. What do you think?


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May 2, 2011 at 9:24 pm