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Microbreweries in India

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A microbrewery is a brewery (Beer producing unit) which produces a limited amount of beer. The capacity of microbrewery in Beer production is ranges from 100 Litres per day to 5000 Litres per day. Microbrewery usually focus on brewing quality beers for local, statewide, or region wide distribution. Since microbreweries produce Beer in small batches so they are able to provide a diverse selection of Beer flavors and varieties. The concept of microbrewery first became popular in America, around 30 years ago. However now days microbrewery is becoming fast popular in India as well. There are many microbrewery units coming up India in the cities Like Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai etc.

Microbreweries which are installed in pubs,restaurants, hotels, clubs, malls etc. are generally referred as Brewpubs. Based on the volume and variety of Beer produced microbrewery can also be reffered as contract brewery, regional brewery, craft brewery etc.

There are lot of factors due to which restaurateurs, food enthusiasts and investors are looking at setting up Microbreweries in India. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Young consumers prefer fresh and customized Beer over bottled Beer, largely because of exposure to global trends
  • Unpasteurized nature of Beer
  • Beer consumption market is growing rapidly (More than 300% in North India)
  • Cost of production is less than buying commercial Beers
  • Low taxing condition and licencing fee levied by state excise government (though some investors debate that the taxes are pretty high, compared to the global market)
  • Its easy to set your own microbrewery, specially with specialized consultants available with the requisite knowledge
What’s your view on the above?

I often go there with my friends for some  fresh and chilled beer at this wonderful brewery next door.

In my next post I shall discuss as what all it require to set up a microbrewery. So stay tuned with a glass of Beer!!


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April 28, 2011 at 9:44 pm