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Wheat Beer

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Wheat BeerWheat Beer basically is a kind of Beer which is brewed with a significant quantity of wheat. In other words we can say that major constituents of mash should  be wheat. So wheat Beer contains larger portion of wheat malt, generally vary from 50%-70% and the remaining is regular barley malt. Wheat Beer generally are  top fermented and vary substantially with the style is brewing is used. During the fermentation process, yeast cells rise to the surface is called top fermented. On the other hand the bottom fermenting yeast settles at the bottom of the beer.

Wheat Beers are comparatively thicker than barley Beer. The reason is that wheat has a lot of protein in it than barley. This protein also creates haze in most  wheat beers. Wheat contributes very little flavor to a beer but it does contribute a distinctively silky mouthfeel. Wheat Beer is highly bubbling and are  generally light in flavour. That is why wheat Beer is preferred in summer.

During last several years wheat Beer have become very popular. Especially because people prefer wheat Beer more during summers. In earlier centuries, the use
of wheat beer in Beer making was illegal in many places, simply because of scarcity wheat to be used in Beer making.

In my next blog I shall discuss about the types of wheat Beer.


Beer Types – A comprehensive flow chart

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In my previous posts I have posted types of Beer.  I found the following info on the net and found it worth sharing.

beer types- a comprehensive list

Types of Beer

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People have been drinking beer for centuries now and since then Beer has evolved into many different types. There are two primary types of beer, Ales and Lagers. These two classes of beer collectively make up thousands of different varieties of beer.

The first difference between these two types is the temperature at which the beer is fermented. Ales are fermented at higher temperatures 18-21 degree Celsius, whereas Lagers are fermented in colder temperature at about 7-11 degree Celsius.

However both Ales and Lagers contain hops, malted barley, yeast and water.

In Ales and Lagers classes there are many different beers. Following is the hierarchy of many types of beer. Though this is not the complete list, since the types could be numerous.

types of beer - ale

The other difference between these two types is the type of yeast used to brew them. Ale uses yeast that ferments best at warmer temperatures. Ales generally use top fermenting yeast. This means that the yeast floats on the surface for the first few days and then settles on the bottom. While Lager uses yeast that ferments best at cooler temperatures. Lagers use bottom fermenting yeast, which does not float to the surface before settling.

types of beer - lager

Reference: Drinking Beer

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