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There was a time we had the German Beer Stein glasses to keep the flies of, or the glasses which had bells attached, to attract the barman for a refill. Over time, the need based humble beer mug transformed design oriented. This was done to keep in mind how the head is formed, when the beer is poured to enhance the flavor and aroma.

A true beer drinker knows that a glass in which the beer is served is more than a glass that displays the brand name of his favorite drink/ establishment and so on. Much like wines and the need to have wines in a certain glass/ temperature etc., beer also follows suit.

Over time, glassware has become very important as the beer itself. There are breweries in Europe, where each brand of beer will often have its own glass. The exhaustive range of beer glasses that are available today range from the mug,  goblet, pilsner, flute, snifter pint and weizner.

The appropriate glass enhances the texture, flavor and aroma of the beer, whether bottled, tap or home-brewed. The thumb rule to keep in mind while choosing the appropriate glass ware is:

    • A wider brim glass is suitable for darker beer. This helps in releasing the aroma and flavor of the beer.
    • A thin pilsner glass is ideal for the pasteurized beer which comes in bottles. The glass enhances the color and how the beer is poured.
I will follow up the list with the types of glassware available for beer.



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June 30, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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