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Keg and Cask Beer

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How does one distinguish between a Keg and a Cask beer? A true beer lover usually differentiates by the following 3 ways:

Temperature: Cask beer is usually warmer than the temperature controlled cold Keg beer. However nowadays, many pubs keep the cask beer in chillers, which keeps the temperature low than the desired level. So often the temperature at which the beer is served is usually same. However a good pub serves the cask beer at the right temperature.

Smell and taste: Cask beer has much more wholesomeness and fresher aroma to it than a bottled beer. Though the intensity of the aroma is less because a cask usually comes in touch with the air much before a bottled beer. But the flavour is awesome because of less carbonation. However with bottled beer, it is the burst of bubbles which takes precedence and doesnot allow to taste the beer first. Only once when the beer has settled down is when you can actually enjoy the taste of a bottled beer.

How it feels: Cask beer shouldnt be fizzy. If it is, it means that the Beer has been retreived too soon. A beer should have a natural feel to it doing what it should do – that is makes you want to drink another sip 🙂


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June 14, 2011 at 8:06 pm

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