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Setting up a microbrewery-Step- 8 – Inspection/Review

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Till now we have followed microbrewery set up function/steps systematically, each step with a specified deliverables. Now is the time for inspection/review our implementation part.

Without a thorough testing/inspection effort, the project will undoubtedly fail overall and will impact the entire operational performance of the project. So the verification and validation are very important to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. I am sure there would be many things which will not fall as per the planning and need last minute attention. This can only be point out with a proper inspection/review of the progress.

Since we have our check list ready from the previous steps, we just need to make sure that the implementation is as per expectation. Following points can be considered while performing the inspection/review:

  • To check if things are as per the project planning
  • Equipments inspection – To check their specifications, working and output.
  • Mechanical acceptance tests – To check each machinery at microbrewery should perform as they ought to be
  • Checklist of all documentation, certifications, reports, approvals etc. are to be prepared
  • Proper installation, operation, and maintenance of machinery
  • Material examination – Barley, hops, yeast etc
  • Final inspection
  • List down the deficiencies

A proper inspection will make sure smooth operation. So a good amount of time can be given to inspection part to make sure we have not left anything untested.

In the next and final step I shall discuss about the operational management in detail.


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June 6, 2011 at 4:36 pm

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