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Setting up a microbrewery-Step-7 – Implementaion

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microbrewery implementationOnly a good project planning can lead towards a right project implementation. All the planning should have completed before we move to implementation part because we can not start planning for implementation while we are actually implementing.

We can use some project management technique to manage the project. We can use CPM/PERT (Critical path method / Performance evaluation review technique). It will help us organize our thoughts and work. It may help us in following ways:

  • Prediction of deliverables
  • Planning resource requirements
  • Controlling resource allocation
  • Internal program review
  • External program review
  • Performance evaluation
  • Easy to use

Let us now look at the different points to be considered at the implementation stage of a microbrewery.

  • CPM/PERT network, detailed structure and schedules
  • Freezing out progress monitoring procedures
  • Freezing out reports in terms of types, frequency and scope.
  • Order beforehand, major equipment and long delivery items – Depending on location delivery  may take 30 to 60 days.
  • Complete and detailed Working drawings
  • Infrastructure

–        Construction material
–        drains
–        architectural
–        piping, electrical

  • Selecting best among the specifications and technical bid documents
  • Review Vendors’ drawings, program details, projections and performance
  • Giving contracts to contractors to take things forward
  • Construction management systems and procedures
  • Process for other pending licenses/ legal requirements
  • Note down the feasible changes

Phew! Implementation is the most tough and interesting task. Here you can see your dream actually taking a shape!

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