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Setting up a microbrewery-Step-6 – Project planning

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microbrewery project planningOkay, so as of now we are done with first five steps required to set up a microbrewery, they are Conceptual examination, Market intelligence, Feasibility study, Project justification and Financial analysis.

Today we are going to discuss the next step which is project planning. Till now we have gathered and analysed lots of relevant info/knowledge. In this step we are going to convert that knowledge to concrete plans, objectives and deliverables.

Project planning basically is a discipline to pin down as what all steps are required to complete a project within a certain timeframe, along with defined stages, and with designated resources. It can be divided into 4 simple steps as follows:

Setting objectives – measurable objectives in terms of timeframe.
Identifying deliverables – specify when and what task would be delivered.
Planning the scheduling – Effort required for different series of tasks along with the schedule.
Making supporting plans – who will do what work, communication channel, amount of risk involved in accomplishing the different tasks etc.

Now let us look at some of the points we need to look at while doing a project planning for a microbrewery set up:

  • Master schedule – with smaller tasks and respective goals
  • Work break up – who is doing what, how and with timeline
  • Complete details of every step – like detailed engineering, working drawings.
  • Lists – for different vendors/contractors/suppliers
  • Procedural strategy
  • Procurement commercial terms and conditions, warranties
  • Liability list ready – during construction, operation, product
  • Cost control estimates
  • Cash flow forecasts, establish contingency plan
  • Equipment decision – new/old, who will supply
  • Basic amenities – like electricity, water, transportation/logistics

Tell me if I am missing any point in project planning. In next post will discuss about the implementation part.

Share your views.


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